Book Discussion & Author Visit with Amanda Linsmeier

6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Manitowoc Public Library
Board Room

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Join MPL staff for a book discussion & author visit with Amanda Linsmeier, author of "Beach Glass & Other Broken Things". Books are available near the service desk.

Beach Glass & Other Broken Things is a collection of twenty-three stories about girls and women on the cusp of self-realization.  It highlights the complexities of characters becoming who they really are, from a girl who tracks down her absent father, only to discover he's made a whole new life without her; to an eighty-four-year-old grandmother falling in love for the first time; to a woman who finds comfort with an unlikely life coach while grieving over her husband's suicide.  Beach Glass & Other Broken Things delves into unimaginable fragility, and unbreakable hope.  It celebrates women who are happy or broken and those who save themselves or allow themselves to be saved. 


Amanda Linsmeier is the author of Ditch Flowers (Penner Publishing, 2015) and Beach Glass & Other Broken Things. Her writing has been featured in Feminine Collective, Portage Magazine, Literary Mama, and Brain, Child Magazine.

Besides writing Women's Fiction and poetry, she loves fables, fairytales, and fantasy, and sometimes she pretends her Hogwarts letter is still coming. When she's not writing, she works part-time at her local library and brings home more books than she has time to read. Amanda lives in the countryside, surrounded by trees, with her family, two dogs, and two half-wild cats.

For her, writing is the best kind of magic, and her work is heavily influenced by mysterious women, nature, and beautiful images, and fueled with lots of iced coffee and background music. She's the kind of monster who dog-ears book pages, and she has read her favorite book, Beauty by Robin McKinley, probably a hundred times. Other authors who've influenced her include J.K. Rowling, Carolyn Turgeon, and Maya Angelou. She loves pizza, tattoos, shopping, and pretty much anything French.

1. Beach Glass & Other Broken Things features characters who all have to make some sort of choice.  Which character do you think had the hardest decision to make, and how do you think they and the people around them would have been impacted if they had chosen something else?  Is there anyone who you wish would have decided differently?

2. Which was your favorite story, and why?

3. If you could be friends with one character, who would it be, and why?

4. Some of the stories in the collection deal with grief.  Were you surprised at how any of the characters dealt with their pain?  In Still, for example, Alita finds comfort in her son's nursery, while her husband Finn avoids the room.  Do you think women and men handle their pain differently in general?

5. Which story left you feeling the happiest?  The saddest? The angriest?  Did any of the stories make you laugh out loud or cry?

6. In The Pull of Emptiness, Abigail forces herself not to purge while visiting her sister in the hospital.  How difficult do you think it was for her to make that choice?  Do you think it was harder for her because of her age, or easier?

7. In the story Treasures, Annie Chester begins stealing things to escape the monotony of her life.  Mary Kathleen starts a chain of lies for a similar reason in New You. Why do you think these characters are drawn to theft and lying to give them excitement?  Do you believe those things were just a Band-Aid for a larger issue?

8. Love is a major theme in many of the stories, whether it is romantic love or the love between friends or a parent and child, etc.  Which “love story” did you find most compelling? Why?

9. The first story, Beach Glass & Other Broken Things, shares the same title as the book itself.  Why do you think the author chose this title for the book?

10. Whose story would you be most interested to read as a full-length novel?  Whose story could you see as a movie?

(Questions are from the book)

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